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This thing from 2015 remains, IMO, the most clear-sighted hacking away of thicket of lazy thinking and cliches surrounding the modern idea of the hipster:
The point is that the media has singularly failed to come up with an accurately expressive term for a cultural (or perhaps sub-cultural, I just don't know any more) group who are in many senses anti-hipsters. Provenance-obsessed, their focus seems to bend to the will of affective capitalism: where hipsters disavow(ed), the anti-hipster deals in capital-P Passion and intricate, over-focused knowledge. There is no space for magpie dilettantism in this culture. Once you've decided (for example) to brew, brewing is your whole existence, lived and breathed. You can't be out dancing every night, reading John Ashbery for breakfast and spending the afternoons watching Pasolini if there's brewing to do. Where the hipster could be seen as a hard-working rejection of the Protestant work ethic, the anti-hipster embraces it in all its artisanal majesty; that is to say that the beard is a true marker of entrepreneurship.


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Just spotted a "Viking haircut" in Manchester city centre - I also spotted one on Saturday in Cardiff where a man dem on road was sporting one

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I mean, on some level a hipster is just a nerd who's managed to convince society as a whole that the stuff they're nerdy about is cool...
I think I said something similar in the hipsters thread that we had years ago (i.e. before it was cool).


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I bought 4 x holsten pills cans and 4 x tyskie cans tonight, fuck bottles I cannot be arsed having to take them to the bottle bank.


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Not had any beer or whisky or smoked any fags today or yesterday. Gonna abstain tomorrow as well then have a large one friday
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3D printed craft-beer flavored bonbons

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