Coke to persuade world that Americans are nice


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A US ad agency has proposed that Coca-Cola run the following campaign to simultaneously sell fizzy drinks and make people like Americans again.


Full story here


i already posted up all my anti-CC gear over here

(the only good coke is the one backjob mentioned on the beer thread)


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Coke is the best soft drink bar no e but its also very sugary. Sugar tax on it is interesting, I think it's cut in a bit. They don't advertise as much either, have they been banned.

I love Fizzy drinks too. I was thinking it would be cool to invent a warm Fizzy drink for thed winter. In Poland they do hot beer so it's not that far fetched.


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ive been looking after my sisters house and her partner has like 24 cans in the house at all times it's mental