London under water


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Have a look at this amazing site someone has built. It allows you to project what rising sea-levels would do the shape of the coastline.

Have a look at London for starters before perusing the globe.,-.1003&z=5&m=14

South of the river is completely buggered at a 14 metre rise.

For everyone's information Gore et al believe 20 feet is what we're looking it in the next fifty or so years and that equates to a more modest 6 metres rise.

One for the Burial fans innit...


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Reminds me of the Diesel 'Global Warming Ready' campaign...



Matt, it so odd that you posted this. I went to bed reading Ballard and deciding that I'd look for some sort of rising sea levels projections map when I got up today.


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Aaah, Swan Lake

London news today. The IntergovernmentalPanelonClimateChange concludes
'global average temp rise by between 1 and 6.3 C by 2100'
Global average temp rise of 2 degrees C is already regarded as dangerous to human society
A rise of more then 5 degrees regarded as catastrophic to low lying cities including New York and London'
The IPCC also concludes unexpectedly that sea level rise may be lower then predicted -
23.6 inches by 2100 compared to earlier prediction of 53.4 inches in previous assessments'

Dissensian's close to water around the planet
Let's be checking in around 2020 and see what's going on ...
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great images ^^^


was so pleased when i discovered it!

there's more here too btw!

with higher levels. apparently the ice caps melting would mean a 70-80m rise...

excellent, thanks! i'm guessing that the other factor here is the simultaneous disappearance of fresh water sources which would make for even more alarming maps. rivers in the rocky mountains are already drying up as the glaciers shrink and water levels of the great lakes are expected to drop by up to 8 feet by 2100. (
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CBC news had a documentary recently about covert submarine traffic in the Northwest Passage and through the Canadian Arctic in general. The Canadian Military uses Inuit hunters and fishermen as spotters and they've been reporting increasing amounts of activity in recent years. The US, Russia and everyone else deny being there, but generally they don't recognize Canadian claims to the area either. (Ironic, since the US pressured Canada to assert that sovereignty in the 1950s out of fear of a Soviet invasion from the north, though that hinged on allowing an American military presence there.) The logic behind the sub visits, it's assumed, is that as the Arctic melts, it will have increasingly significant strategic value, both in military and economic terms.

Of course apart from the jingoistic debates about 'sovereignty' are the more pressing issues of pollution and militarization that would accompany expansion of traffic up there. Not to mention all of those who consider it in their own better interest if the North continues to melt.


in the sea
Yeah I saw An Inconvenient Truth not long ago, and this stuff has been weighing heavily on my mind ever since.

For me though, I think almost worse than the flooding of cities is the fact that the first thing to go when water levels start to rise will be the beaches. Can you imagine a world without beaches? Maybe it's just because I live in a city literally surrounded by beaches but to me that's about the saddest thing I could think of.


Is that you Mark? If it is, i've still got that postcard of that you sent us somewhere, love that picture.

That's funny - no, I'm not mark, a friend of his though - and I work with him too. The postcards are brilliant. PM me if you want me to pass on a greeting.