Cheese. the rival thread.


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i got some vacherin today. i weren't that. the one got was more fucked up looking and much more runny. had a much more powerful taste too. sharp. weird stuff. everyone hated it except me.


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What's the cheese with the live maggots? One of my mates turned up to work with some, was spooning it into his gob.... vile. But the maggots had long-since left. How he got it through customs I'll never know.

Got it... Casu Marzu.



i've made a deal with myself to try a couple of new cheeses a month from the italian deli down the road. they have a big case full of ones i've never had. i started off a bit tame yesterday just to get in the groove. Cambazola with nice blue modly bits because I'd been craving one and a dutty little Camembert, not the poseur-Brie type but a stank beige one with a slightly offputting aftertaste. just what i was after. i tucked in with some tetrapak wine (which i'm also trying out - save the cork trees and that) while i watched one of the good, old law & orders that they're showing on bravo these days.

thinking next week i might pick up one of the riskier looking ones at the cheese shop in the market. not sure where to find blackmarket varieties in town.
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Aylin Cakiroglu This has been the best immersive art installation in 2017, if not this century. The creative genius of the team that managed to evoke this extraordinary experience of feelings of loss, greed, alienation, and anger can only be admired. The giant cheeseboard dismantled preconceived materialistic expectations in the post truth era and makes us look into the ugly mirror of hyper consumerism. In a time where nothing is certain and values are being redefined, the hiatus between preconceptions and corporeality lies at the heart of modern capitalist society’s struggle with humanity.
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The dramatic walk out of the DJs and mice evoked a powerful and lasting experience of disenfranchisement and alienation. The giant cheeseboard not only provided a unique experience during the performance but made its mark by creating a meta-reality with lasting impact by projecting an alternative interpretation of the event and thus amalgamating capitalism, post-truth and alternative facts into an impressive experience that will stay with you for a long time.
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That cheese with the live maggots which jump in your face as you eat it... one of the few things I would baulk at. Well maybe a tiny corner bit...


first topic

stilton vs roquefort.

battle of the big boy blues
I wouldn't put these two up against each other cos other than being blue they are quite dissimilar aren't they? Roquefort is from a sheep for one thing and it has that weird sort of chemically aftertaste. I love it obviously but that is quite odd, you would think it would harm the popularity but it's rarely mentioned.