films you've seen recently and would NOT recommend


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I swear to god if he tries to deny it I will cuss him he hated that film

constant escape

winter withered, warm
There was a fun, recent Spanish film rendition of Snow White where she becomes a matador, alongside seven matador dwarves.

edit: which was black and white, hence why I mention it.

edit edit: oh yeah and it was silent too. Thats the kicker.


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I got as far as are Ken, on the Mole, trying to get are boys on the ship which then gets hit. Everyone is blank faced to the supposed terror. The colour hues are all the same. Then are Ken has a polite, stiff lipped (of course) chat with the bloke from the admiralty about getting 45000 blokes off the beach instead of the 400,000 waiting.

Fuck off you hapless cunts.


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That’s one way of putting it.

”Here, a post vindaloo bowel burst from Selly Oak, late 1985. Top notes of cumin, fenugreek, followed by anal mucus, broccoli and full hit of putrefied methane. Enjoy”.


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