Baby Tortoises.


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I had something on these guys on Lukas "Things U have noticed thread" but I've had to augment it with a little movie, cos otherwise noone would believe my assertion that these dudes MOVE! Shit they are fast!



I lived with a red cheeked turtle for several years. (It was a foul little thing. Slept under the bed, but spent its days banging into things, eating the dog's food and pooing in the bathtub.) It didn't normally care to move quickly, but if you frightened it it would take off like a shot.


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no! sob... do you people know that only 2% of them actually survive into adulthood? most of them get eaten by sharks and seagulls and... it's heartbreaking, frightfully sad... the poor little things... and look how cute they are too... (i once got bitten by a tiny seaturtle, had to stitch my finger together again)
aww... but they are cute,tho'...*melts*...


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i loved the sea turtles in finding nemo, despite the surfer dude lingo. sorry i keep talking about turtles not tortoises. i read that kurt schwitters kept a tortoise in his tub in the apartment that he turned into a giant art installation. if that didn't kill it, it may still be living today.


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hell yeah, they can move. but I always wonder how different their perspective on time must be from ours.

was crushed in the 80s when i couldn't have one as a pet. they weren't selling them in the uk anymore - unscrupulous importers were stacking them in the backs of vans. so i hadn't actually seen one up close for years till last summer. I spent hours watching this one slowly go about his routine, i supppose it was like watching tropical fish, mesmerising.