A Game of Perfect Doubles.


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I was making a pink love CD for the wife and had cobbled together (quite unselfconciously in a muso kind of way) a batch of songs I knew she'd like. Anyway the last two tracks on the CD were:

Scritti Polliti: The Sweetest Girl
PM Dawn: Set Adrift on Memory Bliss

and I just thought when I played it back


those are two tracks that belong together.

For lots of reasons:

1) The skooshy drum machines on "The Sweetest Girl" reaching fwd in time.
2) The Spandau Ballet sample on the PM Dawn (edging it into Scritti's historical zone).
3) Scritti's neo-soul shaking hands with PM Dawn's.
4) Scritti's later dalliance with hip-hop.
4) Lets face it, both tracks are perfectly "Blissed Out"TM.

Damn it they were practically singing from the same songbook.


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y'know once i thought cat stevens "wild world" was an awesome mix into black ops "merk riddim" but then i thought 'OH OH i'm treading into thin territory"

as u do


makeup by vanity 6 mixes well into i luv u by dizzie, and they both complement each other on the subject of teenage relationships.


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drive by rem,one of the tracks off the first mum album and the light 3000 by scneider tm are all very very similar