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i want to read more comics. i can't be bothered reading books any more. i need pictures. reccomend me some good comics or graphic novels to collect. whats good?


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Maybe try Transmetropolitan by Grant Morrison? Pol*#!cs, drugs, sex, deadlines, aliens and all that...

I'm curious what other people say though. I tried to get through Preacher but it never clicked with me.

Lone Wolf and Cub were good subway reading material if I remember right.


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off the top of my head...

Watchmen by Alan Moore, Ronin by Frank Miller, Black Hole by Charles Burns, Ghost World, Eight Ball and David Boring by Daniel Clowes, Hate! by Peter Bagge, anything by Robert Crumb (there's quite a few collections) anything 2000AD related before about 1993, (it went downhill after the Judge Dredd film), loads of stuff really.
Last thing I bought was this one

Original title is Bouche du diable, don't know if it's available in english.

I enjoyed The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen by Alan Moore/Kevin O'Neill a lot recently, not like the crappy film version at all.


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yeah yeah yeah....

i believe this thread spells "comics" without an "x", so i nominate JIM FUCKING STARLIN...

his Capt. Marvel and Warlock series from the 70's were the birth of cosmic comics... (much respect to Lee and Kirby of course, but Starlin took that shit to the next level...)

an amazing dude... served in vietnam, was a hellraiser, could draw and write with equal faculty... i admire all self-contained creative people... like RZA and Wiley, people who can make a complete piece of art on their own...


this is highly recommended:


john eden

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his Capt. Marvel and Warlock series from the 70's were the birth of cosmic comics... (much respect to Lee and Kirby of course, but Starlin took that shit to the next level...)

aw, you are the MAN for mentioning all that - I still have a good 20 of these stashed away somewhere - amazing graphics and quite odd storylines. I'll have to dig them out...


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I have a pretty limited knowledge of this art form, but I'd recommend American Splendour by Harvey Pekar. Harvey basically just writes a comic book diary, and gets different people to draw it. Really interesting form of autobiography.

I'd second the Daniel Clowes recommedations, particularly Ghost World and 8-Ball


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a friend of mine would agree with the old Cap Marvel stuff. he blogs about comics a lot:

when i stopped reading them back in 1992, i was super into Sandman and Cages and all that.

the Incal series writ by Jawdorosky and illustrated by Mobius... and Cerebus!



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The Invisibles, by Grant Morrison. Anarchy, spirituality, magic & illusion, narcosis, time travel, inter-dimensional conflict, class war, hypertextuality and, of course, sex. Also, the best covers of any comic book series ever.





Oh, and it's probably the thing that The Matrix rips off more than anything else (which is fair enough, I suppose, given that The Invisibles rips off pretty much everything, one way or another).

Seriously, if you haven't already, read it now! :)
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Transmetropolitan is actually by Warren Ellis
The Invisibles by Grant Morison (IMO, the greatest comic of all time)
Doom Patrol by Grant Morrison
Preacher by Garth Ennis
The Watchmen, V for Vendetta and From Hell by Alan Moore
Maus by Art Speigelman (very harsh comic)
Safe Zone Gorazde and Palestine by Joe Sacco
Jimmy Corrigan by Chris Ware


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and please remember, spiderman, silver surfer, warlock, and batman are "comics"; eightball, hate, american splendor, zap, weirdo, and love & rockets are "comix"...

what happened to "graphic novels" :p

Anyways, some authors/stories I like.

Joe Sacco, Palestine and The Fixer, showing how comics can be journalism. I loved Preacher and Transmetropolitan but haven't really gotten into other Vertigo stuff. The Plot by Will Eisner was pretty informing, it's about the bullshit pseudo-conspiracy The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. I've liked everything I've read from Daniel Clowes, Ice Haven, Ghost World and David Boring, all good.

But my absoloute favourite comics author is Jason. His books are great, poignant and thought provoking stuff without trying to be clever. Really recommend his stuff, "Hey Wait..." and "Why are you doing this?" in particular.


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i can NOT read this thread any more... it's making me sad that i lost my amazing collection when i was 18. had mint, original pressing, and complete collections of Grendel, Watchmen, X-Men issues 180 - 350, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

a very conservative estimate of what they would be worth now is around $200,000.

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: