Beast of Burden
More classic Latin Sci fi, Jodorowsky's excellent 'Metabarons'. Like Dune crossed with Battle Angel Alita and seralised in Heavy Metal.



bandz ahoy
Just read volume 1 of Sandman. Supposedly the series gets a lot better later on. This one had some interesting ideas and art but also far too much 'shocking' violence. Thoroughly adolescent.

Bought and started reading Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men. Brilliant artwork by John Cassady and I am a big fan of Whedon's writing, so I'm enjoying it a lot.

empty mirror

remember the jackalope
did i already mention i'm reading Black Panther by Ta Nehisi Coates? And World of Wakanda, the spin-off?
BP takes ages to get going, but it is getting pretty interesting now

also reading Louis Riel by Chester Brown finally
i'm sure i'm the only person who hasn't already


Tight but Polite
I've been reading various enjoyably middlebrow Image things lately. Notably:

Injection - weirdy Warren Ellis folk horror of the malevolent-force-messing-around-with-reality variety. Contains sandwich crime.


The Wicked and the Divine - incarnate gods as teenage pop stars - sort of like Neil Gaiman mythwank but shot by Hype Williams instead of Tim Burton. Occasionally crosses the line into trying too hard but it's generally very good.


Black Monday Murders - international finance as blood magic. Sort of like From Hell but with Wall Street bankers instead of freemasons. Seems pretty great so far.


Oh and on a Marvel tip I've basically got addicted to the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. She has the proportionate strength and agility of a squirrel, she can summon and command squirrels, and she's beaten up Doctor Doom, Galactus, MODOK, Thanos, and pretty much everyone else. It's written by Ryan North who does Dinosaur Comics and it's a lot of fun.