Not a single thread that I can find in the Search about Twitter or its rival Jaiku. No Twitter users here?

While I simply can't find the time or inclination for Facebook (actually I am too old to care about that one) and MySpace is only mildly useful (to me) for exploring artists I have embraced Twitter completely. Permanent Internet noise, very web2.0 and both fun and informative. The fact that I can plug it into my NetVibes makes it even better. Twittering via is also a breeze.

Anyone else hooked?

Mr. Tea

Shub-Niggurath, Please
Locked out for twelve hours for an obviously satirical post about cutting James Corden's head off. 😡

Mr. Tea

Shub-Niggurath, Please
A Twitter thread has been adapted into a movie:

I think the thread got posted here a few years ago?


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15 years old today. seems like much longer, hard to remember what life was like without it.


Beast of Burden
It occurred to me this morning that you can’t just blame the plague of instant expertism and bullshittery on the social media platforms, but the specific conjunction of Twitter (especially) and Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is the essential tool for formulating a quick and easy “opinion” on a topic of the day that you knew virtually nothing about in advance. If it didn’t exist, of course, you could still do that, but the specific features of Twitter and Wikipedia are, I think, a powerful combination that multiply the effects by huge magnitudes.