bandwagon house

Really great how his sound his progressed into the ultra repetitive, angular thing he has going on.
Pummelling kicks and layers and layers of Detroit and hardcore/jungle in and out, building on top.

He's nailed a really classic sound there.

Drawn a lot from rave and whatnot but nothing like the pastiche stuff that abounds. His pre 2010 stuff was always great but this is really special imo.
Could very easily have ended up lifeless and stiff, real boys music, but he pulled it off and you can get proper lost in it I think.


This makes sense, some pragmatism around who actually buys music and how much you can make from tour dates (see below) if you're already established.

Wonder if artists are going to bother with labels in the future if you only need to pay for mastering and artwork to get your music out there....


RUSKO - one of dance music’s most outspoken artists – announces today that he will release all his original music going forward for free. Beginning with the November 4 release of his “KAPOW” EP all new RUSKO music will be available for free download through “KAPOW” will also be available via iTunes on November 6

“KAPOW” is a four-track workout that blends dubstep, rave anthems and Hip-Hop with an energy that only RUSKO delivers. “Yeah,” is the ultimate jump up rave/dubstep anthem blending jagged basslines with a signature rave vocal. It’s available for free download now on “Booyakasha” is car chase dubstep; perfect for a showdown in the hood. “Bring It Back” blends twisted dubstep basslines with old school piano licks and a touch of soul, while “Like This” blends Hip-Hop with chunky break beats.

"The natural thing for me to do is release “KAPOW” myself. How I want. The way I want and at the speed I want. It's about promotion and not profit - I want to give the fans the music in real time. If they can help me promote it too then it's essentially what a label does anyway but just without copyright restrictions. The fans are key in the success of “KAPOW.” If you like it, send it to a friend. I just want everyone to be able have my music if they want it," RUSKO says.

RUSKO is supporting “KAPOW” with a fall North American tour that launches on October 26 in Chicago, Illinois and runs through the end of November.

KAPOW EP Tracklisting
“Bring It Back”
“Like This”

10/26 - Chicago, IL – Aragon
10/27 - Toronto, ON - Sound Academy
10/28 - New York, NY - Pier 94
10/29 - Philadelphia, PA - Starlite Ballroom
10/30 - Sayreville, NJ - Starland Ballroom
10/31 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
11/9 - Santa Ana, CA - Observatory
11/10 - Las Vegas, NV - Surrender
11/11 - Tempe, AZ - Marquee
11/12 - Albuquerque, NM - Sunshine Theater
11/13 - El Paso, TX - Tricky Falls
11/15 - Dallas, TX - Lizard Lounge
11/16 - Houston, TX - Warehouse Live
11/17 - Austin, TX - Emo's East
11/19 - Nashville, TN - Limelight
11/20 - Chattanooga, TN - Track 29
11/21 - Asheville, NC - Orange Peel
11/23 - Orlando, FL - House Of Blues
11/24 - Pompano Beach, FL - Club Cinema


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The only thing I can see larger labels doing is keeping you current. But then again if your fan base / market can be tapped into by yourself and you can hire some PR for when you have stuff dropping then you should be sweet right? Once you are an established name you are going to get a certain amount of internet buzz straight away.

Rusko dont seem like the type to care (he maybe, im just generalising here) about nice artwork and beautiful vinyl releases for prosperity. Think he wants to make some tunes that make you lose your mind and get wild. Soooo, free music and plenty of shows seems like a great way of life.

And huge in the states too, that shit has got to be nice for the touring and the bank balance.


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Stand Against War
Maintain Thru Madness

I feel like its 2007 again, maintain has been a percy forever - memories of youngsta at fwd.


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Kahn is so cool


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went to a couple of nights recently

first up - System. tbh i half-thought about writing this in the 'worst things you heard in 2012' thread... Youngsta was drafted in at the last minute to cover for Mala (who it seems has had a big falling out with Vivek and will no longer be involved in System :() anyway i wasn't too worried cos the other time Mala couldn't make it they got Amit to play and him and Vivek smashed it.. so yeah anyway i'd been hyped for ages about this night and then when i was queuing and saw Yunx turn up with a big bulging record bag i though 'safe! bare old Loefah and D1 dubs!!' anyway what happened next was thoroughly depressing.. he played 2 and a half hours of the most boring dungeon halfstep with every tune sounding exactly the same and all having that shit growly bassline sound. fuck me it was so dry. to be fair he nearly rescued everything by beat-juggling Midnight towards the end of his set but even that didn't cheer me up as much as it should have. so disappointing. and Toast should never be allowed to handle a microphone again. wasteman.

the following week was the Deep Medi Xmas skank... cos Mala had flopped at System he played a 4 hour set at this instead... i was kind of prepared to be disappointed after System but he absolutely duppied the dance!! i love that back room at Corsica so much and he basically played the dream set.. especially for the first 3 hours.. he even dropped a couple of grime bits.. definite highlight was a fucking tasty blend of Horror Show into Plasticman's Japan.. probably the most hyped i've ever been in a rave :)


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Yeah listened to a Youngsta and VIVEK set off Rinse a few weeks ago to see if I was feeling it, found it atrociously boring and underwhelming. All the things people used to slag off dubstep for being - too slow, too boring, too bland etc.


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yeah it would be a real shame if System just turns into a plodding Dungeon night

gonna give it another go for the 1st Birthday Bash in Feb.

also, done a Roots of DJ Distance mix

give it a listen if you want a bit old-skool niceness!">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="100%%">">