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I worked in Czechoslovakia as it was back then. I lived in a town five hours east of Prague but I’d get up there for weekends. Back them it wasn’t on the tourist trail and it was genuinely cheap with only a few German tourists around. The rest of the country was proud of the beauty of the capital but the stereotype was that the Prague inhabitants were all snooty.
Like @IdleRich Budapest impressed me more which certainly seemed more laidback and fun. My major caveat to all that - this was the 90s.


in je ogen waait de wind
i just got back. i didn't see that much tourists but i think that has to do with corona still. it's sad to walk around a city centre so beautiful and see kfc, mcdonalds, hooters (wtf) and dozens of souvenirshops selling fake weed everywhere. it looked a bit like amsterdam in that sense.


Yeah I thought the same. Probably said it above but my problem with Prague was that it had beautiful bits spoiled by tourists and unspoiled bits that were ugly to start with.