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A quick talk through to a simple understanding of growing, curing and processing homegrown tobacco. Tobacco is art, and to some -a lifestyle, there is no way for one man to know all there is about the subject, but I know plenty about growing it at home, so feel free to ask questions in the comments.


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Do you need special equipment to grow the plants sufi or will a plant pot and terrible British weather do the trick? Greenhouse must be an essential part of it?


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We had our carpets pulled up and floorboards treated so we can use them. The joiner found this old pack of woodbines under some of them.


I think they are from 1916 or thereabouts

I think there's a gap in the market for something similar. Basically a rollie sized fag, but pre-rolled, with a little filter, of some nice tobocco.


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unfortunately the box was completely empty. But I've been thinking for awhile that fags are too big and i want a small version. like a beedi or cheroot.

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Oh, shame, I thought you meant there were some century-old fags still in it!

Would probably have been a little on the stale side, I guess.