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neither City or Paris have succeded in buying their way to it though.

it's as much about momentum and luck as talent when you get to the final stages.


Of course in the final analysis there needs to be a bit of luck, a solid performance on the day, perhaps some experience that settles the nerves and allows one to perform at or near one's own top level.... but to even be in the mix you also need a billion pounds worth of talent behind you. There are only five or six teams who can possibly win or come near to winning, however much luck they have.


Love the way that the commentator realises that it's a shot and going towards goal and has time to change his whole sentence and talk about it while it's in the air cos it travels so far.


Cat Malogen
If you got 15 yards closer in 5 a side you’d never have to buy a drink again

Batistuta, Yeboah, Shearer are names for gunboat boots, but Malawi’s goal’s an epiphany