this one has good id3

A reissue of a 1973 recording with uncorrected (and often misinformed) annotations, the music is nonetheless of interest, including solo khene mouth organ, lam singing, and an excerpt of the buffalo sacrifice ceremony by uplanders from the Vietnamese-Lao border.

for the latter you'll have to get the full lp, i suppose


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wow. i wish more people put that much effort into id's/.

here is cecil mcbee's bass solo Love from pharoah sander's album 'Thembi':


Ya Annas (Oh People) from ahmed abdul malik's 'Jazz Sahara':


Hotel Alyssa-Soussie, Tunisia from sabu martinez - afro temple:




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i was hoping the "Peculiar but Great" thread would turn into this, with people posting single tracks of shit others might not be hip to. a great way to introduce amazing and strange new sounds. but yeah. let's go.

also ZSHARE is much better than YOUSENDIT. because it allows instant play right there on the page. and also stays up longer.

and often times there are no pictures available. so first rule will have to be ignored at times.

i will post here again this Indonesian pop song with more than a little (sounds to me at least) nod to dubstep. because it's so weird and wonderful:


i love that song!

thank you so for posting it on the internets!


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oh gosh. the last track on this Kompakt compilation, i think it was one of the Koln series, this brooding fuzz-rock guitar over 110-ish kick... narcotic slowmotion blues-techno-rock at its finest!!!

and also on Total 4 i think, toward the end there is a disco-y track where in the middle this guitar solo just pops out of fucking nowhere. def WTF moment but in a balls out awesome way :D

turns out from VA - Schaffelfieber:
kompakt shuffle-rock thing

still looking for disco-guitar-solo thing... not on Total 4 as i thought...

coming up --- that WIKKKKKKKKKID Indonesian track with children's vocals on Music of Islam series. the ultimate. really. if i have to choose 1 song in all of history of recorded music... my god.


i love that song!

wow someone who knows the band. can you recommend anything by them or anything else that sounds like this or is just simply awesome like it?

nice id too zhao just picked up that album for less than a fiver on amazon too.

you mean the Rough Guide to Muisc of Indonesia? and i heartily recommend the Rough Guide to Ethiopia as well -- if you are a total addict of Ethiopiques series as i am this collection is an indespensible addition, with some other perspectives (Rough Guide was very considerate to not include any over-laps).

just got some brand spankin new Ethio-hiphop as well. will check it and see if worth posting a track from it! :D:D:D:D:D:D
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that 'trance of seven colors' is the sort of thing i would have hoped to find here, thanks

'transfigured notes' by twelvetone eminence grise milton babbitt, which has some hypotextual relationship (surely not just an awful play-on-words) to schoenberg's 'transfigured nights' and shares with it a difficult gestation - i think the album it's lifted from is out of print, which is a shame since it's babbitt's most entrancing work by some distance i imagine


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just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread so far,i've downloaded everything and have the playlist on at the moment,some great stuff.

i'll try and find some stuff to contribute myself soon.


sorry that was obnoxious, i hate photo reduplication on this board sometimes...