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yes, i've had em for a while now

can't take a girl home b/c i have no bed or furniture, which i got rid of b/c of the infestation

but even though i sleep on floor, have waved the proverbial white flag, the bugs continue to torment me

slum landlord totally non-responsive

this building is such a dump i can't ever see landlord embracing cost of extermination

and i don't think it'd be worth the time and bother to sue -- i.e., that would only make sense if i wanted to stay here

no, i must move -- back to the city or at least a halfway decent building

but how do i ensure that i don't bring the bugs with me?

and where do they live, now that i haven't a bloody mattress? perhaps the cracks b/w floor and walls?

i fear that perhaps they live amongst my records -- that would be a real tragedy

last night another sleepless night

can anybody relate?

anybody else infested with the bug

surely this must be like herpes in the 70s, aids in the 80s -- nobody is immune, right?

or am i isolated in this damnation


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bed bugs have taken over nyc... luckily i never got 'em... i used to live in a 2 floor loft and the people upstairs had 'em, they never made their way downstairs, thank god...

but i have had tons of friends who've had 'em, it's a real epidemic these days..


the mckibben lofts are apparently crawling with them, it's a nightmare over there. i used to live in the varet lofts and they're getting em too.

dom--you could always withhold rent until the landlord gets rid of the bedbugs. NY State law will be on your side.

trust me i have done this a million times--anytime i see a cockroach within 15 feet of my apartment i demand they send the exterminator.


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i have turned completely paranoid about these bugs, this week it reached its high point and i'm afraid they're in my flat now. it started some months ago with stories of neighbouring flats in the street having them and then some weeks ago two tenants in my flat got them as well. this week i noticed strange biting marks on my skin and i have been googling non-stop to find out if it could be bed bugs. i have inspected my mattress endless times but still can't conclude if it's bed bugs or not. i haven't seen one but apparently they're undetectable so how do i know? it's driving me nuts. i was supposed to visit my family next week and some friends afterwards but how can i sleep somewhere else knowing i might have them. just e-mailed some pest control guy if he can have a look this week, i pray to god i don't have them.


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you can die from their bites as they are often infected. it[s not at all uncommon to die or to suffer debilitating illnesses which never go away.


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at this point i'd rather have them just kill me anyway. i have not been able to think about anything else, any form of joy that i had in my life has disappeared. i'm a living ghost.


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did you have them version? yes i did that but doesn't really give me conclusive evidence.


i encountered em a few times "travelling" - like rats, they have a smell that you can get to recognise
but they are v hard to catch - not cosy and snuggly like what they sound at all - horribly psychological as you get the bite (if you taste nice, they discern i think, so maybe your bed mate doesn't get bitten and just thinks you're over-fussy), but you can't find the culprit.
three bites situated in a line on your body, that may be the best indication you get, though mosquitos might do that too
Maybe if you switch the light on suddenly in the middle of the night, you might find them scuttling for cover, like silverfish, also you might find their shit, your blood, in little crusty grains. They have been hanging out with hooomans for millennia i guess, they have totally sussed stealth mode and various tactics to gaslight us and defeat our puny anthropoid brains.
mosquitos have stealth mode too i think, i had brain malaria a few years back
nowadays it's all about the tiny blandford fly - you cant even see them or feel when they bite you, then 24 or 48 hours later your limb swells with atrocious itchiness, gets septic necrosis etc etc
all these effects are way worse if you're low on weed i find
insect swarm psychology far ahead of ours


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well. it's the fact that you start to feel like a pariah. like i said, i wanted to visit my family and friends next week but how am i gonna sleep in their beds with a clear conscience? i also started dating a girl some weeks ago and i feel like i should better not see her again. but what am i gonna say.

so i had those three bites in a row like you explained, but only once, last week. i still haven't seen one alive and the edges of my mattress also don't look like those horror pictures i see when i google for it. i just wish there was a way to find out for sure. please just let it be mosquito.


Beast of Burden
My girlfriend's mother had an infestation last year, it's insane, she had to have three rounds of professional chemical disinfectant and get rid of two beds until they were gone, it cost her thousands. We couldn't go to her house for a few months because they travel back with you so easily and once they're in, they're in.


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apparently you can exterminate them by steaming your room. steam above a certain temperature kills them. my problem is that i am still not sure if i have them or not. killed a mosquito last night so who knows it was just mosquito's all along.


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apparently you can exterminate them by steaming your room. steam above a certain temperature kills them. my problem is that i am still not sure if i have them or not. killed a mosquito last night so who knows it was just mosquito's all along.

All well and good, but how will you be sure the steam got into every nook and cranny?