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it should, but recently it's been pretty devoid of ideas outside of a tiny clique of brilliant producers.

Speaking of which, any news on the new Champion?




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is that tactics who used to post here?

i went to the roska launch last night at xoyo. champion was the best imo. hes technically not the greatest dj but he just has such a good/consistently hard selection so i liked pretty much everything he played. roska was alright - for some reason i expect his sets to be a bit more thought out/sophisticated than they seem to be.


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Beneath FACT mix.

http://soundcloud.com/factmag/fact-mix-328-beneath-may-12/s-NOgap&g=bb">http://soundcloud.com/factmag/fact-mix-328-beneath-may-12/s-NOgap&g=bb" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="100%%"> http://soundcloud.com/factmag/fact-mix-328-beneath-may-12/s-NOgap">http://soundcloud.com/factmag/fact-mix-328-beneath-may-12/s-NOgap

nice. really like the two Beneath 12s, missed out on the first one, but managed to get a copy of the second and have been listening to it every day for a week.
So Blackdown, do you have enough influence with Rinse management to convince them it's in their interest to take out five minutes and make sure their timetable is always up to date.


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SR Mix #130: Altered Natives [Eye4Eye]

Altered Natives – You Again – Altered Natives [Eye4Eye Recordings]*
Artificial Intelligence – Rise n Shine (Altered Natives Remix)
Altered Natives – Love me Better – Altered Natives [Eye4Eye Recordings]*
El Sudor – DFMA (Altered Natives Remix) [Eye4Eye Recordings]
Altered Natives – Reanimate [Eye4Eye Recordings]*
Filterwolf – Brooklyn via Montmartre (Altered Natives Remix) [Filligran]
Altered Natives – LONDON GODS [Eye4Eye Recordings]*
Gino Latino – Welcome (Altered Natives Unofficial Remix)
Altered Natives – The Landlord [Eye4Eye Recordings]*
Grand High Priest – Mary Mary (Altered Natives Remix) [More About Music]
Altered Natives – Allwhere [Eye4Eye Recordings]*
Altered Natives – OH, My Zipper [Eye4Eye Recordings]
Altered Natives – BHUUUMBAHCLEEEEET [Eye4Eye Recordings]*
Altered Natives – A Thousand Days Of Patience [Eye4Eye Recordings]
Altered Natives – Future Drop [Eye4Eye Recordings]*

* denotes a track taken from the unreleased Tenement Yard Volume 3 forthcoming on Eye4Eye Recordings



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Going back in time. One of the reasons I never got into funky was tunes like this were essentially broken beat tunes and I felt it had all been done before. And personally, I was mad at my self for being such a local hoodrat and never getting down to CO-OP before it was too late.

Anyway, good track. Bit creepy but part of the charm

Been after that track for ages, first heard Jewelsy play it on Live FM years ago and then I completely forgot about it.

Sounds sick in the mix, as do all Funky tracks.

Benny B

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^^^ Xpost surely?

Funkystepz were on DJ Q again the other night btw, couple of new tunes. Royal Rumble still annihilates absolutely everything when it drops.


The whole show is really good though. Someone on ILX was saying Q is losing his 1xtra slot though which is the shittest news I've heard all week.