holy tabernacle ministries


on the back cover of the mf doom album doomsday, doom and another guy are wearing the robes of the holy tabernacle ministries the cultish church started by malachi z york, also called the The United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors, they're a bit like the 5 percent nation and seem to be having a slightly simular affect on hip hop and a few high profile stars,however the 5 percent natin refute some of their claims.

they live in a compound in putnam county,and like Louis farrakhan the leader has a history as a popular singer..


the belief system is a massive mixture of isoteric islam,buddhism, judaism and ufology.

that originates in a pre nation of islam group called the moorish science temple ran by a guy called noble drew ali, whom makachi was a follower of..


they have convinced many back us voters around putnam county to register..

recent developments have seen wesley snipes, who has started up amen-ra films and his private security force called the royal guard of amen ra buying property next to the compound, he is a follower.. one of many alledged millionaire Nuwaubians.


also malachi and his wife were arrested on suspicious charges of child molestation.


incidentally this bunch are pretty popular, there is a nuwaubian bookshop in hackney.

anyone know any more stuff?