This week's most embarrassing criminal


"Police arrested Taleon for possessing about a half-ounce of crack cocaine and a loaded .25-caliber automatic handgun. While handcuffed in the back of the moving car, Taleon smashed out the rear window by head-butting it, police said. He then dove through the window and its steel frame, causing $1,800 in damage, Kunkel said.
After landing on his face, Taleon rose to his feet and, while still handcuffed, fled on foot and into a nearby pond, police said.
"He swam across like Flipper, taunting the officers saying, 'You'll never catch me,' " Kunkel said.
Indeed, they didn't. Two officers were injured while chasing Taleon."
Blimey! It's like something out of some hollywood movie I would dismiss as unrealistic.

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Just check out the Super Action Hero dive on this ol' fella. Brilliant.. .

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christ, that's taking s&m to dizzying new lows

What do you reckon the reaction will be from the other furries in his pack? Awed admiration, or more like "Fucking hell Andy, we're only in it for the cartoons and costumes and shit - that's taking things just TOO FAR".
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if there is one crime in the world going unpunished it's those stickam girls and their dogs, it has got to stop! really this is silly, the entire internet population below the age of 30 would be in jail if this sort of thing was enforced.


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I think tigers are hot, but then again, me and E.T. were more than just co-stars, so my standards are probably low.


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It is famous for its budget offers and rock-bottom prices but when the Lidl supermarket chain received several batches of high-grade cocaine at its Spanish stores last weekend it decided that that was one product which would not be making it on to the shelves.

Instead the budget supermarket group called in the police to solve the mystery of how a dozen of its stores had each received hundreds of thousands of euros worth of neatly wrapped cocaine mixed in with their fresh bananas.

The drugs were discovered at the bottom of banana boxes that went to stores in Madrid, Plasencia and the town of Cáceres. The bananas, which had been imported by sea from Ecuador, arrived at the Mercamadrid wholesale fruit and vegetable market in Madrid last week. There they were snapped up by buyers from Lidl and the Alcampo supermarket group.

It was not until a Lidl employee at a Madrid supermarket got ready to stack the bananas on the store's shelves that the curious packages lying under the bunches were discovered.

Similar cargoes of cocaine were later found at a dozen Lidl supermarkets, with more than 100kg (220lb) of the drug being discovered overall. The hunt for further batches was continuing yesterday. Police said the traffickers had somehow failed to pick up their cocaine, which had a street value of about €4.5m (£4.02m).

"They must have been afraid that we were on to them," Eloy Quiros, head of the Spanish police's organised crime unit, said today. He added that police were liaising with their Ecuadorean counterparts to find out exactly where the bananas had been packed.

In some cases the bananas had been peeled, with only the skin left behind, presumably so that the cocaine would not increase the weight of each 15kg box.

A Lidl spokesman said that the cocaine had not contaminated the bananas but that the fruit had, in any case, not been put on sale.

Police said Lidl had nothing to do with the smuggling operation and thanked the supermarket chain for its help in tracking down the cargo.