This week's most embarrassing criminal


the benny hill theme makes any car chase hilarious. the driver has some good moves, the best being when he stops to get out and give the cops the finger before tearing off again.

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"all we need now is a shoot-out in a hall of mirrors and this is pretty much the plot of Lady From Shanghai"
And Orson Welles fighting a losing battle with an Oirish accent.

Mr. Tea

Shub-Niggurath, Please
From the comments:

matthewbrowning said:
I would like to object to the "DEVON" headline of this article.

Redruth is in Cornwall and this man is clearly Cornish (Camborne is also in Cornwall).

Readers unfamiliar with the geography of Britain may inappropriately be led to believe that this sort of thing could possibly be allowed to happen in Devon.

Please correct at your earliest convenience.

Those dirty Cornish, eh?
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I heard about this guy before, what a badman. I don't get the tissues though. surely if you are rolling around in a heap of wet shit, tissues are not helpful or necessary.


It's kind of like how some people hate mixing up the ketchup from the beans with the ketchup from the bottle when they have a fried breakfast. I imagine. Though in 120 Days of Sodom shit with some sperm on top was cosidered quite a delicacy, icing the chocolate cake I believe it's called.