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Noodles, did you link up much with Germany?

cos if I remember it was german DJ/shop lists that I found out about the Connor Reeves and Power EP 12"s
also I remember Jazzanova were well into "Love Lady"

and Gush Collective must have been up on your sound
they ended up putting out one of the best 'UK' g albums ever
(I rate that, the Sunship, Donna Dee - bout it...)

of course there's also Job de Wit, holding it down in Netherlands since day !


noodles groovechronicles
yeah after my first meet with jazzanova i went over there a lot (even thought about moving over)
i was checking out the club scene.
Because i'm into deep house (early stuff) ron trent, peace frog, guideance..
It's amazing what people think about you with out asking?
yeah club things.. meeting all the cool kats out there.. whole new experience for me
Even a mini tour with sunship,zed bias, m j cole and myself which we had some of the gush boys playing with us which was kool...
i did actually re-vocal stonecold by a female vocalist called clara hill at the time (check her stuff out compost/jcr)..
which i just recently asked phuristix to do a mix, because injekta of phuristix is my cousin..
small world eh?
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i am really looking fwd to this website now. the groove chronicles stuff was some of my favourite music ever to come out of the garage scene. stone cold actually has a really warm place in my heart for very personal reasons, too, so thanks noodles - you're like the barry white of UKG to me! good to see you here, too, coz we've actually met, in passing, a few times before, when i used to shop downstairs in release the groove.


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barry white

so, dave, are we to gather that you have in fact had a shag to 'stone cold'?

Noodles, i associate the groove chronicles stuff with the absolute peak of 2step -- your stuff circa and "black puppet" and "masterplan", dem 2's 'bad funk remix and 'grunge dub', m-dubs, steve gurley's remixes of that time, chris mack ' plenty more', new horizons -- that's like a genre peaking, compex but still groovy, sensuality with a tinge of darkness -- great days

silly question, but did you pick your name cos of the gangster in Once Upon A Time In America, or is based on a food preference?


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ahem! it's actually not a very long record.

joking aside it was, however, playing on a loose compilation CD that i'd done for the lady in question when she decided going home wasn't such a good idea. always reminds me of a very good summer and her in particular. cracking track on its own merits anyway.


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whatever happened to?

now's our chance to ask about:

K.M.A. (6/Six and Madness)

Mystic Matt and Anthill Mob

Nathan 'Baffled' Lockett

The Memzee !

Steve Gurley (my hero)

Chris Mac(k)

New Horizons

Essex? crew - DJ Passion, Lewi etc!

Scott Garcia


noodles groovechronicles
eh not sure...
gurley moved out of london time ago not sure on his works
lockett did some bits with dj face a broken beat tune called that fucking bongo tune, which was kind of big..
mystic have'nt seen him for time...
new horizons not sure, i use to speak them a lot just lost contact...
chris mac yeah as dubstyle said has gone back too his roots making d'n'b, i think he had a 12" on ganja records, and did you know he was potential badboy on E records..
memz not sure..
maddess and his bro are still about on radio somewhere...
lewi,passion... not sure..
no body really kept up contact with each other which was a shame..
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Yes Noodles, long time mate !

Good to see you are still doing stuff mate, I think Lewis has moved onto Hip Hop as well as doing the odd bit of 4x4 with Karl Brown - aint seen him for ages either though.

You still can't beat the old Groove Chronicles stuff - thats what got me into the whole dj thing.


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I heard from his brother that Chris Mac was doing some hiphop/R&B projects too.

Madness was on Subjam104.7 but he may well be on Shine87.9 now.


noodles groovechronicles
rare is good

yes pal..
good too hear from ya..
there's no more el-tuff as far as i know, and yes he is doing an el-timberlake on us..(i dont no why??)
but if it's a monie thing then, he's going too have too wait a long time..
All i have too say is champion what you believe in.. get all your shit right.. and believe in yourself because that's only way people are going too take you seriously..
i was going on CHOICE FM radio this saturday with J SWEET and JONNY CASH but i cant shake this bloody cold so..
Those two are on it the following week and i'm on it the week after...
i'll be playing some old and nu material plus doing and old 2 step come ole 4x4 mix..
i think it's on ditigal..
so tune in...


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the best Logan Sama moment was when he went on a rant about people from Romford looking like atavistic evolutionary throwbacks due to all the Irish blood round there 😂 :ROFLMAO: