DFAH Press Release


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DFAH Press Release: Monday 7 February 2005

Recent press reports bring news of a deal brokered by the UK Police between
anti-homophobia campaigners and record companies, distributors and gig
promoters in the UK.

Dancehall Fans Against Homophobia welcomes this deal - DFAH's founding
statement suggests that dialogue and negotiation are preferable to publicity
stunts and an unwillingness to accept compromise, and we always believed
that a deal in the UK was possible.

However, we are reggae music fans, so our concern with homophobia in reggae
is not as transient as those of other campaigners. This is particularly
important now, as some of those involved in the recent negotiations have
stated that they are now prepared to suspend their campaign against
homophobia in reggae. DFAH consider this to be premature, although they hope
that the suspension of the "Stop Murder Music" campaign means that there
will be no more calls to ban reggae artists from releasing records or
performing in the UK.

It is suggested that the recently negotiated deal accounts for 90% of the UK
reggae industry. This does not surprise us at all - DFAH always felt that
homophobic reggae was a minority interest. But if 10% of the UK reggae
industry is still prepared to release and promote homophobic music, then
DFAH will continue its campaign against this 10%.

Furthermore, DFAH is an international organisation, and does not limit its
campaigning to national boundaries. As such, DFAH will continue to campaign
against homophobia in reggae, in the UK and worldwide. We look forward to doing
this in an environment of mutual respect and tolerance, rather than in an
environment of conflict and enmity.