The Wire is over - discussion, spoilers inside


I feel like they maybe had that on the table as an idea but wanted to put him through the whole redemption storyline after he accidentally kills his new protégé.

I've not really thought about it much, bit the whole AA scene and addiction counselling that goes on in America is this huge narrative they wanted to tap into?
Thought the Bubbles arc was ok... with the whole thing it felt as though some lived and some died and it was almost randomly determined. There must have been some homeless junkies who survived that life and cleaned up. Maybe not that many.


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He could’ve tried to rob a stash house and some booby trap with a shotgun cleaves his head off, leaving a stump

What I mean is chance is never so random as to leave such a character alive


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Finished the rewatch. Actually really enjoyed season 5 this time. There is that over reliance on mcnultys redemption, but I noticed this time how much of a total fuck up herc is and how the whole thing rests on him playing both sides and not ever really realising or questioning it.

Gus and the mayor's assistants are also great characters.

Marlo is my favourite character overall. Like barksdale and Bell, he was best when he was silent.
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