censorship on dissensus: the disappearance of the confessions thread


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well, i never wanted anyone to leave dissensus as a result of this.
i also think it's absolutely unecessary.
all i did was publicly state that one thread was very ill advised, that it didn't fit with the tone of dissensus, that it was offensive and should probably be binned for the sake of all concerned — not least the person who started it — and note a general trend of this place getting a bit weird and uncomfortable lately.
(re the banning issue: that wasn't entirely serious. i actually don't think padrag should have been banned anyway.)
the thread's deletion was obviously agreed upon by the moderators and happened with comparatively little fuss.
then, a day after it's all blown over, i read this thread and see myself being blamed for the erosion of civil liberties, accused of sending whining private messages to moderators, which did not happen, and generally being a pompous ass — all by someone who wasn't involved in the original thread, hadn't read it and really had no idea what the issue behind its deletion was in the first place.
i have no problem with people talking about themselves, i am interested in what other people have to say (i wouldn't come here, otherwise), i just think that some discretion is advisable, both for the sake of the person revealing personal details and the for other members of the board.
thinking before making comments is a good thing, too. 1) you won't say something you might end up regretting, and 2) it proves that you're actually taking account of what other people have to say, too.
none of this is unreasonable. it just makes sense.
i'm not apologising for any of the observations i've made, but i will say that this is all a bit silly and it's a shame that it had to turn out like this.
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This could all have been avoided if it had been clear that Jaie was 'joking' when he made those comments about Iraqis and Africans. The trouble is that irony and sarcasm are often very difficult to pick up on in print. On a messageboard I used to frequent we got round this by the use of 'sarcastitalics', as in: I think that's a great idea. No, really.


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the truth is i like both of them. stelf may be a tad stuffy, nomad may be a tad stubborn and hot headed, but they both are good humans and they both say interesting stuff.

i will ask her to come back in a few days we'll see.


there are no accidents
may i just point out here that it was none other than i, many, many moons ago, who initially professed a true love of Yoghurt.


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ha ha ha, nomadologist is the best. she used to be a coke dealer, made $500,000, and quit after she killed a man (this is what she told me when I met her actually). also, she can talk to animals and a rich uncle has left her millions of dollars and a huge house in the States, but she isn't allowed to touch it until she is a certain age.

I hate all the censorship in the world at the moment it's impossible to find a flat earth video on YouTube now. I think this is bad.