Jonathan Ross 'For One Week Only'


That's a pretty impressive run of interviews, would you get something that indepth on C4 now? Doubt it. Easy to forget how interesting Ross' early stuff could be, since he's such a bore now. His hair and suits were better then, too.


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cheers! enjoyed the kaurismaki episode. also cant imagine anything like this getting on tv nowadays :(


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look very interesting bigup Noel - guess there are still a few reasons left to stick around this place

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The Kaurismaki interview is a gem, that's what made me think the whole lot was worth linking. There's another really funny Jodorowsky interview on youtube with someone from the BBC 'Collective' where he talks about making pornographic models out of his bogies and masturbating over them. Haha.

I try not to watch TV anyway these days but it does seem inconceivable that something like this would be permitted, even though it is obviously entertaining and accessible. What happened?
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