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Actually literally the subject (A level maths pedagogy) of the research project I work for....

EDIT: Preliminary findings basically that "teaching to the exam" & heavily transmissionist pedagogy is a function of the standardisation and league-table regime brought in by Nu Lab to justify inreased education spending. Ironic, perhaps, but not very funny for the students or for the universities who have to teach basic maths to, e.g., physics students, because they have no understanding beyond reciting formulas.

League tables predated Nu Lab by almost a decade.

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League tables predated Nu Lab by almost a decade.

But it was under Blair that they achieved their current deified status, wasn't it?

Some fairly obvious, but well-made points, here:

And is this true:
The Government believes that an A grade in A-level physics is worth 270 points but that an NVQ in drink dispense systems is worth 480 points and an advanced certificate in horse management 263 points.

Torygraph, ergo pinch of salt required with regards to "mad liberals ruining education", but even so: lol, 'horse management'.
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UK Supreme Court gave Uber a big spanking this week
It's a significant decision against the "gig economy", but is also a bit of a set piece since uber (and their ilk) set themselves up deliberately to get as close to the tipping point into liability as they possibly can without crossing the line - this puts them just the wrong side of the line, but will depend on hmrc enforcing it (by fining uber £20,000 per employee),
still good to see the supreme court on the side of the workers✊


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i don't see the point of BT workers going on strike against job losses if they're going to get the sack anyway. fucked


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this is happening in so many businesses, I've heard so many horror stories from different pals about it. Full-time contracts being replaced with part-time contracts with "overtime potential."