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So I just had a dream where I was about to get played the whole of the Bangles greatest hits if I didn't wake up. I got to 'iiiiiiiiis this only aaaaaaan eeeeeeeeeternal flaaaaaaaaaaame' before I cracked.

Where does the brain put music? Anyone else had nightmare encounters like mine?


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I dream about music pretty regularly, mainly trying to listen to things or play them to other people and them not sounding right. They're terribly anxious dreams, very frustrating / frustrated, but not really nightmares.

I do remember when I was about 17 I got up in the morning, was fixing my breakfast, hit play on the tape in the tapedeck, it was 'Harold and Joe' by the Cure and I felt really glad. Then Robert Smith's vocals came slurring in backwards and I woke up with a start, jolted awake by what I thought was waking life suddenly doing something I wasn't expecting. Seems kinda funny now.


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although i've had quite a few dreams about traxs i can't specifically remember many. i do occasionally however have dreams which involve meeting musical heroes of mine and these encounters stay with me forever.

i actually blogged about this time i went thread shopping with kool keith and remember going back to his hotel to get our blast on and listening to his new stuff. as you'd expect it sounded like 2017 type stuff'!

more recently i had a dream about having a bbq with sensational. but i don't remember much about that.


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When I used to produce and listen to jungle regularly, I had two dreams with classic jungle breaks :) Very weird ones, as my dreams are usually...

One had a car, which played amen loop when driving (the first bar), and when hitting the brake it played the crash sound of amen. I remember trying to manipulate the amen hitting the throttle only short times.

In the other one I was swinging on some anchor. Everytime when the anchor changed the direction there was different break going on.

In both dreams the breaks sounded very lofi, weak and somehow scant. If I remember right there were some tiny interuptions in their sound.

So, when you chop these classic breaks enough, you literally can say you know them even in your dreams :D


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Sometimes I have dreams about the most beautiful, unheard of detroit techno trax. Invariably I forget them before I can write them down. :eek:

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I have the most AMAZING music in my dreams. It's like it's more incredible than the most far-out music I've ever heard in real life. I can invariably only recall the dimmest impression of what it might have sounded like when I wake up, though.
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My subconscious managed to create a James Brown cover of The Prodigy's "Funky Shit". I can still hear his voice saying "Oh my god, that's the funky shit!" to this day.


Sometimes as I'm drifting off to sleep I'll hear the most amazing squiggly synth stuff, like the acid trax of the gods... or it could just be tinnitus.

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Sometimes as I'm drifting off to sleep I'll hear the most amazing squiggly synth stuff, like the acid trax of the gods... or it could just be tinnitus.

weird, i get that too. they usually start with a mutating acid groove then slowly 4/4 drums and tops come in. they seem to go on forever as new mutations merge into one another. there's not any vocals or ambient type stuff.


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even though i havent bought any vinyl in about 2 years i still do quite a bit of bedtime crate digging


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Then there were a few dreams, where I had forgot a 2nd hand dnb CD compilation somewhere in my shelf, and then find it much later and go: "Aaah... how I have forgotten this. This is good stuff". That feeling that such a CD really existed was really strong...

It was good stuff... Somehow ravey and sounded like it wasn't pretending anything, just good music...

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The music I dream varies quite a lot, it can be amazingly lush, kinda psychedelic-sounding d'n'b, it can be classical choral stuff or it can be epic, futuristic, synth-washed speed metal. Actually I have a two or three CDs that fit the latter description quite nicely. :)
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Robert. It was a woman's voice, soft and soothing. He was in a lovely green meadow, and the air was filled with music, and there were bright lights in the sky overhead. A woman was moving toward him. She was tall and beautiful, with a gentle, oval face and a soft, almost translucent complexion. She was dressed in a snow-white gown. Her voice was gentle and hushed.

~Sydney Sheldon, The Doomsday Conspiracy.