The 'Other' Dissensus



didn't know where to place this, but there is - still going, i believe - another forum/message board trading as Dissensus (although it kind of died on its arse seeing as how it was just a bolthole for people feeling hard done by over at Urban75.. )

sure it doesn't matter, but i thought i'd mention it.

nice idea all round, though, and another environment for me to waste my time in. :)

Kid Eternity

New member
Very oddly I found this place by chance and thought it was the other one, thankfully it isn't! It started out as a nice idea but did go very negative due to the owners ego...ah well that's history. This place is nice though. One thing (and I think this thread shows this point) it could do with a general forum, you know a place to just relax and hang in.:)