sanctuaries,places of refuge


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barber-surgeon' hall gardens-barbican, city of london, on a sunday.

bird hide on walthamstow resoviours at night.


Beast of Burden
Polish restaurant in kensington, weekday lunchtimes

that lighthouse at trinity wharf

and the top of BT tower, maybe, if we could there...

Battersea pagoda.


The seaside.

(For a start...)

Jim Daze

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Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington

Cafe Alba, Bethnal Green (pre lunchtime rush)

The marshlands of Essex, Essex


Beast of Burden
a sailboat on the norfolk broads, about this time of year, late at night when it feels like you're the only person in the world.
my bed, at pretty much any time.
mid-afternoons spent in proper pubs with real beer, a fire, an old guy with no interest in conversation at the bar and a dog walking round the room.
alpino, chapel market rd, angel

regent's canal, angel -> kingsland road

alexandra road estate, kilburn

tei tei, brewer st

'dire straits' hair salon, liverpool st.

channel 142, maida vale high st

west india quay, the docklands, at dawn


Long tube journeys in the middle of the day. 30 minutes when you don't have to work or think, just sit and read and travel.


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Liquid bar, Pitman street.
Mile End pool club.
Sir John Soames museum, in the basement.
Martin's house in Camberwell.


Newton circus hawker centre, table 77, after midnight. Barbecued sotong and Tsingtao with ice.
Bedok Pier, with headphones, watching kids fish for crabs.
Secondhand xmen comics from NTUC wet market, Marine Parade.
The big red armchair in the cafe in MPH bookstore, Parkway Parade, reading the Xmen comics.
Red Mask bar, Hanoi.


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places of refuge
then . down in our treehouse in the trees , stream rushing by just below big open field behind fairly looming ...
Early evening Swayambunath Temple on monkey hill above Kathmandu ,
having listened to the ceremony inside , then the monk kids singing outside , shadows filliing the valley .
Behind and to the North of the temples , white Himalaya so high they are up in the clouds above the town
Eating green curry on Phi Phi Island after floating in the water a couple times during the day,
snorkeling careful under the tour boats , peaceful warm waves on beach, insects frogs chorus
drop the mosquito net

My home here , storm lashing rain tonight