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When people talk about a New Religion this is the sort of thing I think comes closest. The Pointless but it makes me Chuckle to Myself is not the thread for me to unveil this grand theory though


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My idiotic manager is notionally "on holiday" this week but is still joining meetings and sending out, and responding to, emails. I had several phone calls with him yesterday. Had an unsolicited email from him before 9 this morning. As far as I can see he's just working a full normal day and wasting holiday for no reason.

I think he's so convinced of his own importance that he can't bear the thought of the projects we're working on making any progress without his oh-so-vital input. Catch me looking at work emails on a day off? No way, José!


I was looking at this yesterday. I was thinking, what is is that means that something happens that is new and then it suddenly happens, like the idea was in the air. You get monkey christ (which will never be beaten) and there have been like ten since. Or just for example, after Cantona flying-kicked that fan, didn't someone in basketball or some other minority sport do the same thing a couple of weeks later?