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You could pick that up for about 20 quid back in the day. :(

It's being re-released - turns out the listing is for the purposes of generating hype - from the press release

A super limited white label EP containing 2 dancefloor bombs and a couple weirdo tracks were pressed and hawked in record time back in 2017, and now change hands for top dosh. At the time of writing there's only 1 for sale in the shark pool (discogs init) for a whopping £500 and has got a jizz stain and 'shane is a ball bag' written on it. Almost like someone (possibly DJ Ab Shit himself after hacking into a mates account) is taking the mick here, crossing their fingers for a Japanese investment banker with infinite yen to pull the trigger only to be sent a jizz stain and no record via recorded delivery for an extra £38 postage...Henkin nashi (no refunds) g...

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This is such an amazing hoax it almost deserves its own thread. Some jokers hijacked a TV transmitter in Hampshire in the 70s and used it to broadcast an audio message claiming to be from the "Ashtar Galactic Council", bringing humanity a message of cosmic peace in the Age of Aquarius, for six minutes. Best part is, nobody knows whodunit to this day.

Something very Belbury Poly about the whole thing.
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