Prodigal Son
I did a mix of some of the previously unreleased bits that have made their way from dubplate to vinyl in recent years:

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Blog link: http://sonicrampage.org/blog/2019/0...-then-found-previously-unreleased-jungle-mix/

One of the side effects of this dubplate culture was, however, the fact that a lot of amazing tunes simply never came out. They were stuck on dubplate for many reasons – couldn’t fit into release schedules, artists and labels couldn’t reach a financial agreement, or the label owner(s) decided that the sound had simply moved on. Sometimes it was as simple as the original DAT being lost and no copies existing!

So for jungle fanatics, the years since 94/95 have been marked by the knowledge that there was a huge secondary catalogue of music that was only available to the public via low-quality recordings from raves and pirate radio. The advent of p2p file-sharing services and, especially, platforms like YouTube, Soundcloud, and Mixcloud meant that these missing tunes were more available than ever, but, tantalizingly, not in a format that you could mix with.


01. Dave Charlesworth - Guinness Track (ADR)
02. Simon 'Bassline' Smith - Oh Yeah (Deep Jungle)
03. J Majik - Telepathic (Deep Jungle)
04. The Invisible Man - Drifting (Drumtrip)
05. Equinox - Badman Style (Scientific Wax Retro)
06. Bizzy B & DJ DLux - Classic (Existence Is Resistance)
07. Bay B Kane - Cupid (Spandangle Selection)
08. DJ Nut Nut - You Can Do It (Deep Jungle / 8205 Recordings)
09. DJ Stretch - W (Dubplate Mix) (AKO Arcade)
10. Tom & Jerry - Bring Ya Dub VIP (AKO Arcade)
11. Bones & Natty - Thunder (Foxy Jangle)
12. Q Project - Champion Sound (Unofficial '95 Bootleg Mix) (Sublogic)
13. DJ Crystl - The Dark Crystl VIP (Hardcore Junglism)
14. DJ Renegade - What's Happening? (8205 Recordings)
15. Dillinja - You (Dom & Roland Productions)


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The Mayor 2 weeks ago
I’m 42 and have been doing this since mid 90’s and have still never showed anyone but my wife my music.

RetroJay1974 1 week ago (edited)
This guy is me and I never got around to do doing what he has acheived! We used to haul our Amigas and Synths around to a mates house and sit in his kitchen at all hours! Armed with Sample cartridges, Atari STE's aswell BTW! we would create all sorts of stuff. This was from 1991 to 1995! they were bloody good days, we would record onto Tape and then bomb around in our mates tin-pot Ford Fiesta MK3 blaring whatever we had made.

Robert Syrett 2 weeks ago
Every time I get nostalgic for old samplers I remember the loading time.


call me big papa
Shame about his hair, though.

Also he does that thing which I've noticed a lot of retro jungle does of overcomplicating the drums a bit.


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This is actually amazing. It's totally Top Gear, but it is also amazing.

it's one of the those 'projects' men carry out in garages and sheds throughout provincial England. Restoring an old Austin Healy or a steam-driven loom.


call me big papa
I don't want to be indiscreet here but somebody I worked with who was connected to High Focus actually did ask me if I would review a HF album in The Wire.

I diplomatically passed them onto the editor, I think.