No Future for the GOP?


Seems the most effective approach to retaining power is to never actually achieve your stated aims, but to keep talking about them.

Yes, was talking to my friend yesterday about why so many leaders are apparently so incompetent. Well, that's if we assume their aim is to achieve their stated aims, if it's actually just to talk about them while staying in power then maybe they are actually not so incompetent on their own terms.

There is also the issue that they are normally selected by either voting or some kind of horse-trading power struggle type thing. In each case it's not obvious to me why there is any particular reason why the person who is good at winning such contests should be good at running a country.

There are two explanations, the first cynical, the second just depressing.


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Yeah I'm starting to see this in DAOs too. The people supporting/delegating to governance leaders are generally short-term-oriented and generally are more affected by narratives and confidence (like your points elsewhere about "owning" the interlocutor rather than dialectically engaging with them) than they are by actual work - because seemingly the bulk of the actual work is boring, ineffable stuff like negotiating with relevant parties, pulling strings, effectuating bureaucratic processes, etc.

maybe cuz regardless of the wonders of blockchain etc., it's still all run my humans, with their petty grievances.