big hello to the dissensus crew and a quick plug


the abyss
hi everyone, just joined dissensus, recommended by the man like woebot!

i can see a few familiar faces round here from, eden & meme? hows it going?

anyway, as the profile says, i'm a london based dj (well essex but lets not split hairs) into old skool jungle, most forms of reggae, hip hop, electro and ukg. looking for somewhere like dissensus to talk to like-minded music obsessives such as myself! :)

introductions out of the way, i'd like to plug a new mix on my site by Dj Red*. its a wicked mix featuring "the best of jamaican dancehall in 2004" and has exlusive riddems, cut-ups, remixes and a theme of all-out gender war.

heres the mix:
dj red* on red alert dancehall mix

and sleevenotes can be found here:
mix sleevenotes

comments welcome!


john eden

male pale and stale
Probably not (he's not doing insane ragga mash ups there , is he?).

I just got back from North Wales last night, am knackered, and have some nice CD trades to go through...

say hello from me if you see him tho


gabba survivor
I want to give my support here. Woebot and K-punk have been a great inspiration and this board has my full support. this is a very good reason to be back on the boards, thx guys. I'm sure some of you know where I'm from - ilm / ilx / GABBA / KIN

(I only hope the name 'dissensus' isn't misunderstood)


New member
Yeah, big hello to everyone. I just stumbled here via blissblogger (I think). Hello to you all.

DJ Red (*) Star on dissensus