Rolling Rugby Thread


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Monster, I was at that with the clans, but not this

To counter that curse

And my Mum's favourite 5-6minutes. Mike Brown is the only time i've ever heard her allude to anyone as a 'cunt'. 2nd try from Tipuric's magic is mental, zero crowd trouble despite the the lake of booze

Lastly, as an ex schoolboy flanker, POC's team talk says it all, first 30seconds



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Some people, and I think they are possibly right, think that the 2005 Grand Slam was finer than the 3 under Gatland. And if so, it was Gavin Henson’s achievement more than anyone else.


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Different vintages. Never seen an England team that shaken in 2013, A game of legend. World Cup 15 they folded England again too. Eddie Jones has got the Red Rose firing. Grim. Imagine him as a Lions coach in NZ. France with S Edwards big loss.

Wouldn’t be too concerned over sketchy games recently, AWJ will retire soon, so if Pivac can pivot and last it’s all about WC 23. There are at least 45-60 players who can work together. It’s about finding the spine with a few dogs to match flair.

2005 anecdote - missed the first half against France due to getting previously committed to Leeds v West Ham (long story). Got out of the ground just as the 2nd half in Paris kicked off. Car radio on down the M1 to utter madness.

Be intriguing to see the line ups this week. Eddie’s going to Eddie it right up. Or will it be gentleman Jones? He’s box office.