USB/firewire -> PCMCIA converters?


I just dont know
i have an Echo Indigo I/O which i was using for my pc laptop, which is now deceased

i now have a iMac, which has only usb and firewire...

is there any way for me to use my old card with my mac?

any help would be very greatly appreciated :)


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Don't think there is such a thing. It's unlikely cos PCMCIA runs at higher speeds with more bandwidth than FW or USB2.

People have had the same trouble with most PC laptops going ExpressCard now, although there are adaptors soundcards can still be a bit tricky.


I just dont know
thanks for the advice everyone :)

doesn't look like its really worth it though does it, probably better off getting a new soundcard if im laying out that much just to convert, which would probably cause a fair bit of latency anyway...