Cooking tips and wonderful flavour combinations


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plant-based central nervous system, so it feels the pain of being ripped from the test tube.


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It's true. I am gravely concerned that the necessary gods will not look kindly on any deficit in food soul sacrifices. The rise in veganism and the associated gigadeaths of wildlife slain by intensive agriculture should compensate, but it will be close, ceteris paribus.
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I picked a handful of blackberries on the way back from dropping off the lad at the childminder this morning, then blitzed them with a few blueberries that needed using up, evaporated milk, Greek yoghurt and honey, then froze it.


Was pretty damn good.


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went to an authentic 'fish and chip' shop in an off the beaten track town called hastings it's kind of a locals thing and I got SALT and VINEGAR on my chips (fries) what a combination of flavours


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that comment is from 13 years ago, Shaka. while I still occasionally enjoy bacon, I have to say I haven't obsessed over it for a long time.

salt AND vinegar, a novel idea.
You can't dispute the written record Leo, it's all there in black and white. I haven't read the thread but I assume the other 83 pages are you talking about bacon