Fellow Drexciyans!


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A lot of these musics I pop up to say I don't like, it's cos I don't like em.

It's based on very limited listening really, I'm willing to change my mind though.

I think the times not right for me, as in, I don't really listen to much old music, and I have fondness for certain bits that I used to listen to obsessively, and very little else.

I'd love it if I could join the drexciya cult, get the t shirt, but I don't like it that much.

Believe you me, no one is looking for conversion, with regard to music, as much as me. I was even listening to some drill earlier.


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I'm just teasing, catalog. everyone's in the same boat, plenty of great stuff that we just can't get with, for whatever reason.


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I was actually in the "they're overrated" boat (or should that be submarine) ? having been in the "they are gods who do no wrong" boat 5 years ago ? until yesterday, when I pinched my nose and slid feet-first into their back catalogue.