in je ogen waait de wind
i went to see a guy called gerald dj in berlin once and it was the most disappointing thing i've ever heard. was a perlon night though so maybe he thought that's what the audience wanted to hear. also, i hadn't been aware that he also made stuff like this:



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dunno but i was listening to his essential mix and 1 in the jungle mix yesterday and to me the fundamental difference bwtween the jungle he makes and plays versus the other jungle is the lack of an MC in gerald's jungle. he's not really interested in that. he does samples and wavy female vocals of course, but he's not really bothered about having that dread male toast over the top.

which is strange in a sense cos he's from a sound system backround like everyone else but maybe it's not cos he's from the North so naturally more shy and reserved.


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That Moon Jelly song isnt that bad and this is the other side of that perlon 12" which is better and feels more gerald. Its really good actually. Im not opposed to his tech house