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What did you think you were reading?
I thought it was some secondary lit written by others either explaining what d and g were saying or taking their ideas and running with it. I read it randomly while I was looking for extra texts around Anti-Oedipus and remember thinking ''oh man this is good, who wrote it?"


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There's a chapter in The Pound Era where Kenner talks about a knot in a rope being a pattern of energy made visible by the rope. He says the same thing about water and the poetic image. It's the medium through which you see the shape of the energies.
In “A Gold Ring
Called Reluctance,” Prynne points to the fact that unity and coherence might themselves
be forms of violence: “biologic collapse is violence reversed, / like untying a knot”


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This Artaud quote that pops up early on in AO's good,

". . . this emotion, situated outside of the particular point
where the mind is searching for it . . . one's entire soul flows into this emotion
that makes the mind aware of the terribly disturbing sound of matter, and passes
through its white-hot flame."


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i saw this artaud play in edinburgh when i was at uni, fucking incredible, called the spurt of blood. full on cutting on stage, right in your face with the blood. mental.