Music you are prejudiced against


LA hip hop
My friend thinks I have a problem with folk
Jazz made after about 1980 by persons other than Charles Gayle.


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I can't bear the sort of 'house' or 'dance' music they have on things like Hed Kandi compilations. That's probably not a very controversial thing to say.


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nah, you are right, although the disco sushi arm of hed kandi has some good stuff on it...(please dont stone me)


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@alex. yeah maybe thats it. i just hate the rockist (tho i hate that whole theory too while im at it, mainly cos half the people banging on about it are all rock fans just trying to prove theyre not rockist when they prob still are) attitude/environment in general. but i do like rock/indie music.

I find it kind of amusing the number of self-proclaimed popists who seem to be theoretically in favour of dropping sociological prejudice and appreciating the music as a purely sonic artifact etc etc etc but still hate indie on principle because it's so white / middle class / commercial / whatever. I'm kind of waiting for the popist reappreciation of britpop / nu-britpop: "I know it's obnoxious mass market faux-laddism, but at it's core Wonderwall is basically a really well constructed pop tune..."

Nb a lot of the stuff on here strikes me as being about aesthetic preference, not prejudice... presumably it's got to be a genre you couldn't like even if it did something really good, not just one that you don't like because it's mostly crap...


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nah, you are right, although the disco sushi arm of hed kandi has some good stuff on it...(please dont stone me)
Yeah it's a prejudice, obviously I haven't heard everything. I'm prepared to accept there must be some good tunes.

What I have heard seems very conservative and cynical to me. Consumerist and top-down, selling some idea of sophistication that is anything but. Vaguely stylish, cautiously hedonistic, ersatz funk, formula soul. It's not even aspirational enough to be yacht.

But there's a chance I've got it wrong.

mos dan

fact music
uk hip hop

these are two massive bugbears of mine.

also the beatles and the stones. but not dylan.

i like being prejudiced against indie purely to wind up friends, not least cos they know i still have the faded c96 t-shirts sitting in my wardrobe. it's not a musical prejudice really, as much as mgmt etc bore me to tears.

also drum n bass and its latter day adherents. i went to see greena and appleblim play the dubstep second room at a dnb night a few months back.. the atmosphere/people/music was horrible.

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that's because you haven't seen Ngoma Soundsystem yet :)

Hehe, I was wondering if you were going to mention that. You know that I like your mixes, so I'd be interested to hear the soundsystem to see if I think the percussionist and horn dude add anything to it (obviously you think they add something, otherwise you wouldn't do it, so fair play).
Like I said, I'm aware it's a prejudice and therefore at least partially irrational, and may be leading to me missing some good music. But I do reckon that it's a prejudice that has at least some solid basis.


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uk hip hop

OT but what is UK hip hop now? Is Roots Manuva UK hip Hop? Sway? I have liked both of those in my time.

I really, really hate Belle and Sebastian and all of that stuff, but as Slothrop said, it's an aesthetic preference. If any of it was any good I'd like it.

Edit: Hang on - Oasis. I hate them for what they did, and though I almost like a couple of their songs I will never admit as much. So that's a prejudice.


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OK, I thought I was tolerant. I've realised I'm not, after reading the answers on this thread.

I have (often irrational, sometimes not) prejudices against:

UK hip hop
Major label indie (how'd that happen again?)
Rare groove fetishism
IDM post-95ish
Grunge post-Nirvana

Edit: and (psy-) trance is objectively shit, so does that even count as prejudice?

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i used to be prejudiced against UK urband music, epecially garage, when i was 15 or so as a teenage metal fan growing up in croydon, mainly because of the tribal thing when your that age of liking a subculture and being against others, and also because all the people you met who were into garage were the ones that tried to mug you in town.

however, moving out of the suburbs to london and consuming more and more music as ive got older ive now through grime and dubstep got into garage, to the point where the music i make is pretty much a form of garage.

also until recently pretty prejudiced against "funky house", still not into the tasteful lounge element of it...

That's the other one - cannot stand garage in any form, or anything that vaguely smells of garage. To me it's just pure annoyance in musical form.

I think the worst music in the world, though, is that kind of intentionally bland, possibly-slightly-Latin, 'tasteful' jazz-house or whatever the fuck you'd call it, that you hear piped through the speakers in 'bars' (as opposed to actual pubs) in west London. Yeah, that kind of thing. Eurgh.

Edit: Sufi, how do you mean "prejudiced against" as opposed to just "don't like", exactly?


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I think that used to be known as funky house and definitely fed into what has become Funky. See the early days of the funky/uk/london house thread for confusion.

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I used to hate on all South American music, especially salsa. Several visits to South America later I have been cured of my ignorance. Salsa is one of the most awsome styles of music ever invented -- too bad it's out of fashion (at least here in London) and practised mostly by sad figures with marital problems.

Still hating on the following.

  • Jamaican Music: dull rhythms, homophobic, no funk. In fact as I type this, the cafe I'm sitting in plays Sunshine Reggae by Laid Back, which epitomises the just how crap Jamaican music is!
  • U2, or anything that sound like U2.
Moreover, I have a problem with any music that has a straight 4/4 beat (i.e. techno, house etc), although I can tolerate it, probably because it's so bloody ubiquitous here that my brain filters it out, i barely hear it.


hed kandi artwork is the worst

Too right. I can't believe that guy a) got into the RCA, b) graduated from the RCA.

I guess one good thing about it is that it's distinctive, which is always handy when it comes to passing over it when browsing for records.

As for music I'm prejudiced against.. I guess one would be minimal house/techno (in the current sense of the term) made by british producers. I'm always staggered when Radio Slave, for instance, puts out something that's actually quite good, even though by now there's a decent number releases that fit the category..


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I have irrational prejudices about every kind of music, including the music that I apparently like.

Mostly its race related. I just can't stand that ooga booga music.


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i HATE those plodding note basslines you get in all those glossy indie bands
[*] Jamaican Music: dull rhythms, homophobic, no funk. In fact as I type this, the cafe I'm sitting in plays Sunshine Reggae by Laid Back, which epitomises the just how crap Jamaican music is!

I think Laid Back are Danish so you could probably expect thier Jamiacan Music to be less than what it should be...;)