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east ldn is much friendlier. most ppl in south london generally cant help being a bit a-holeish. seriously. :p

mos dan

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does anyone know if the 28s make road rap when they're not busy, erm, being a gang? they were like *the* boys when i was at school.. aside from the triads, who seemed to be all over lambeth when i was a kid.. it even made it onto london tonight, i seem to remember.

funnily enough no-one's ever said SW12 STAND UP! on a track, to the best of my knowledge.


I agree with the person who said it all sounds a bit samey but I havent really listened properly yet I think.

Giggs album was very good but I find myself only going back to Cut Up Bag albeit in 1hr repeat listening sessions etc.
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morrison maks me laugh. he jacked giggs flow so shamelessly. his gimmick is talking about selling weed.


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slackk is a scouser! whats he got to do with catford?!!
lewisham is just like stratford on the other side of the thames. i like it.


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I like this by Youngsta:

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Producer Shellz is from Edmonton apparently.

Isn't that guy Young Spray from North/North East (North Star)?

"Through the cold streets of Tottenham I dun passed every test"

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heavy heavy monster sound
does anyone know if the 28s make road rap when they're not busy, erm, being a gang? they were like *the* boys when i was at school.. .

That always made me laugh, cos the 28s are that ferocious numbers gang in South African prisons whose new members are sex slaves to the older ones, makes one look at Angell Town in quite a different way.

They're probably rapping under some PDC moniker. Youtube lists a couple of Y28s tags but no music of note.


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hahaha that intro is too much! you got to give it to the east boys. they got much more of a sense of humour than your lot......


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the more clipped east accent works better than the south accent too. thats partly why we got much more good mcs.
(trying to provoke more postcode war)


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also they dont force their white friends to hide their faces behind ballys in the videos like those south boys do.