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does barty even care enough about drill these days to even get an interview with Salieu?

i'll say this about him he seems to have gotten away from the accusations of being a J Hus rip off


heavy heavy monster sound
I get sampling Ghosts, it's on the radio, it comes up on youtube. Sampling 2 David Sylvian tunes means him or his producer is a freak and we need to know.


Who loves ya, baby?
There's a vid for Betty now. Is he releasing an album or something? These new tunes have appeared within days of each other.



i don't post here hardly at all anymore but i just wanted y'all to know
mvuent's (?) best of uk drill playlist has been my chores music for months
only recently started getting bored of it... the wife hates it.
feel like an updated one is in order. maybe *only* 2019-2020 tunes?


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Other life what is the vibe where you are right now? Is it michigan you are in? Radio silence from muvent perhaps he's out on the streets


the vibe is *mostly* contained by bland liberalism in this part, rural and raising a family. but we see shit is still popping off
i need to get over my stupid anxiety and just start building with my neighbors.
the first nations are a majority. they will win sovereignty.


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The first nations are in a majority where you live? So you are on a reservation or very close to one? Must be quite interesting. All I know about them is they have big casinos.


close to a few.
fuck the casinos. the streets are theirs, the music on the streets is theirs, the *land* is theirs.
joint first-nations and afro-american management of the americas should be the goal of this anti-cop wave. even if it recedes it should carry over to the next.
at the demo i went to someone stood on a cop car. someone had a sign that said 'america has root rot' and it shined bright against anyone fucking w obama or rbg.
there were shooters on the roofs of the second demo, couldn't attend bc Childcare.
no demos since.
there was a curfew bc of 'threats' but the cops trying to wash their hands of it are suspect. they were scaring native kids just heading home.
but we know who they are and they're gonna lose Perks.
and honestly doing chores to uk drill bc of its Momentum and Poetry makes me think of all this.


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Dr. Cock is Barty. he reckons drill peaked in '17 so dunno if he'd have material for a more recent one


did drill mutate into anything else worth following?
pa salieu looks promising but don't like how High Production Value the videos are idk... probably dumb