Percy or Gregg?

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who do you like better Percy or Gregg?
i think percy is much better. percy started in stratford. greggs is a northern thing and consequently all their cakes are made with LARD.
percy have been hit hard by economic realities over the last couple of decades and as a result are not what they used to be. i remember when they did you proper welsh rabbit with the mustard and guiness mixed in and everything, old women sipping the spilt tea out the saucer and that....smoking fags
orange plastic seating....
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their cheese and onion pastys are better than greggs too. and i like the apple danishes with the white icing on top.


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i can't vote on this as i've never had a Percy Ingle. certainly Ingle sounds lush, back in the day anyway, more sophisticated than any Greggs i've ever been in.

Greggs are alright, as are other northern bake-chains such as Sayers, Spinks, Hampsons, or Greenhalghs, though they're all much of a muchness obviously.

i welcome all the new-wave of pasty chains.


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fuck it i'll vote for Percy mate you've sold me.

i find it hard to believe any southern chain can beat the northern ones on sausage rolls mind, which are really my favourite thing from any such establishment.

i like bake slice type things too.


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in all honesty scott percy and gregg nowadays are virtually indistinguishable, but greggs is more popular so the queues at percy are shorter.


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i realise Luka your dietary status means you cannot advise me on the sossie roll debate, so we'll have to get another carnivore with experience of both on board.

a good cheese onion pasty hard to beat so sounds promising.

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Being a northern type Ive yet to taste a Percy.

I'll avoid Gregs for pasties as they are usually cold. All about the Ainsleys for pasties, i do wish they wouldn't dust thier baps with flour as it gets all over the place.


Greggs sausage rolls are weirdly lemony. Not a great look. Do like the cheese and ham pasty tho, which you can't get down South.


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in all honesty scott percy and gregg nowadays are virtually indistinguishable, but greggs is more popular so the queues at percy are shorter.
it's a money thing, surely. Greggs is cheaper and worse, Percy is for when you're feeling flush. They do a great dome-shaped granary loaf for about 1.20, but it's tiny. Greggs only do massive granaries, for the same price, but it's only good for toast after two days.

But generally, Greggs is shite. Percy's cakes are better too


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Percy - Pasties seem to be better quality and I like how they cook sausages and eggs etc right there in front of you. Costs a bit more but worth it.

There used to be both a Percy Ingle and a Greggs on Tottenham High Road but Greggs went out of business earlier this year and Percy's still going strong. winner.


percy no contest
they do a sort of all-in danish which has custard, icing, fruity bits, the lot
greggs can't touch em

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Every time I've ever walked past a Gregg's it just looks so unappetising...guess I've been spoiled by my spending so much time in Harringay. I did recently have a Gregg's steak bake when I was starving, which was OK I guess.

Never been to an Ingle but I bet neither shop is fit to sweep the floor of the almighty Yasir Halim.


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Greggs is only good for the steak bake in a buttered roll combo. I can excuse the chewy 'steak' filling as the melted butter/gravy sensation is so great.

Never had a Percy as there aren't any in Scotland (as far as I know), but I'd vote for MacDonalds bakeries if it was an option. Great steak bakes which actually have real meat in them, and they've got reasonably priced filled rolls available all day. They also do a full breakfast with tea and a roll for 3.30, bargain!


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no idea what percy ingle is but in leeds theyve got a 24 hour greggs at the weekend with a bouncer. that's gotta swing it right? cant beat a steak bake at 1am on a night out can you?


I visited "Ingles" the new refurbished flagship store in shitty broadway market,

what a farrago
gone are the luscious bright green and orange livery
still there are the same selection of food items but now beneath an utterly unremarkable facade in grey :( so sad. at the hands, it seems of these aesthetic criminals:

they have re-done the website and twitter too so it looks like this is the shape of the future for the long-standing east london chain of family bakers

a sad missed opportunity to re-embrace the family roots with an edgy rebrand as "Engel's" too

Percy himself passed on a couple of years ago, his pile in lovely Loughton is here,0.0339217,790m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1 he'll be gyrating in his grave i dare say

so i hereby rescind my vote for percy and reassign it to greggs (W Croydon branch for preference)
I'd urge all clear-minded democrats to follow me in this

let's have a rant about broadway market while we're at it - that place brings out the effing misanthrope in me