As far as the business in show business is concerned, the multiverse is a very accommodating narrative feature, as it allows for boundless retconning and all the other various consequences of the shifting contracts and agreements and IP and whatnot.

Given the context of a multiverse, recastings can be (and have been) canonized into the cinematic universe.

To me this is the problem though isn't it, there are no stakes, nothing is fixed, they can bring people back to life, or have alternative timelines where x or y never happened. Nothing means anything cos they can re-version it next week with a more definitive take on what really definitely actually happened. Until they change their mind and make another one that is even more definitive.

And seeing as the whole thing is completely moronic and impossible to care about anyway, what on earth is the idea behind diluting everything further until you're left with a homeopathic level of excitement somewhere at the sub-atomic level? The concentration of excitement and fun is far too low to be measured and science tells us that at these concentrations it is simply impossible for anyone to actually enjoy watching one of these films - sure some people will come out of the cinema and say that they enjoyed it but that is simply the placebo effect. Yeah, you went to a cinema, you watched a film and it had superman or something in it, you ate popcorn - your body can be tricked into thinking that enjoyed the film but you really didn't I'm afraid.

It's odd cos normally I don't get that worked up about shit films or whatever, I just watch something else instead.... but Marvel gets under my skin in a way that other things never have before. I think we said before that their sheer invincible omnipresence is part of it, they breed like rabbits, if you put two Marvel films on at the same cinema you'll soon have a litter of little Marvel films springing up - and I know that that is hard, they can be quite cute when they're young, but we do need to do something about it now, we all need to play our part, if you see a young Marvel film remember that it will grow up into a big one, it may even have sequels and a tv spin-off, I'm not saying you should be cruel and it can be done as humanely as possible but you need to grab it and break its neck I'm afraid before it has a chance to breed.

In the UK in the fifties there was a huge problem with the rabbit population and... well,

"In June 1952 Paul-Félix Armand-Delille, the owner of an estate in northwestern France, inoculated two wild rabbits with the Lausanne strain of myxoma virus. His intention was to only eradicate rabbits on his property, but the disease quickly spread through Western Europe, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Some dissemination of the virus clearly appeared deliberate, such as the introduction into Britain in 1953 and the introduction into Ireland in 1954. Unlike in Australia, however, strenuous efforts were made to stop the spread in Europe. These efforts proved in vain. According to estimates, the wild rabbit population in the United Kingdom fell by 99%,"

We need to find something like that but which kills Marvel films.