dematerialisation in literature


Yes, I have. My friend Daria met her when she was writing an MA dissertation about Surrealism, alchemy and Leonara's writing in 2003. She went to Mexico to track her down and ended up running off with Carrington's nephew. She was prone to this sort of thing, therefore I believed her. When I knew her in London a few months before this Mexico thing happened, she tracked down Conroy Maddox and went to his flat to meet him.
She got a Distinction for her MA, and apparently her tutor made a pass at her.
Great story. What did you think? I enjoyed The Hearing Trumpet well enough, not totally radical so maybe not for this thread but it's exactly the sort of story I like.
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Hearing Trumpet is a great curio, but then curios from that period and earlier are greater than most shit they publish now. I also like the curios, the curios are important to me. The Beckett short prose. Pierre Guyotat. Pierre Louyis. Louis Aragon. That kind of thing. But also, I haven't really read this sort of stuff for years, decades even. I will go back to it soon, out of curiosity.


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well this is such a good thread we've all forgotten about the title.

curios from that period and earlier are greater than most shit they publish now
and most of the shit they published then of course. but i won't be tackling the canon any time soon.


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guyotat - is he the french one who was in the army and is really dark? i've heard of him, never read him, sounds pretty frightening.


Beast of Burden
The Greek Myths trans. Robert Graves
The Odyssey trans. Robert Fitzgerald
Aeschylus The Oresteia
Sophocles Theban Plays and Ajax
Anything by Euripides
Aristophanes, The Clouds trans. William Arrowsmith
The Greek Anthology ed. Peter Jay
Catullus trans. Peter Green
Cicero's speeches
Ovid Metamorphosis trans. Allan Mandelbaum
Martial's Epigrams
Seneca's Tragedies
Petronius Satyricon trans. William Arrowsmith
Apuleius The Golden Ass trans Robert Graves
KJV Bible: Genesis, Exodus, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Kings, Job, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, Gospels, Acts, Hebrews, Revelation
Arabian Nights trans Husain Haddaway
The Riverside Chaucer

Those are my favorites.