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It"s just come out that Dele Fadele died in 2018.
I just saw that, Neil Kulkarni had only recently been tweeting about him and their friendship. I always enjoyed his writing. As with all these things the news makes me feel sad, old and lucky.


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I didn't know Dele well but enjoyed running into him over the years - lovely guy. One of the few NME people we at MM fraternized with.

Classic example of the kind of oddball who found a home on the UK music papers he wouldn't have been able to find anywhere else

There's a story I've long cherished about him - and which I've begun to realise may not be strictly true, after reading other accounts in the last day or so about his life story - but I continue to feel in a really profound sense is true - or should be true

When he arrived in England from Nigeria, he had one suitcase with him - and the entirety of its contents were various Factory records (like his beloved Crispy Ambulance) and a vast number of clippings from the NME, articles by his heroes like Paul Morley and I Punman


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More on Dele:


When Tomashevski made contact with Dele’s family in Nigeria she says they weren’t fully aware of the details of his achievements as a music writer. But they were also a little suspicious – if Dele was such a big deal, why had nobody contacted them for two years?
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