Are political events and large-scale disasters now the only form of collective experience?


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there's something in that to be fair to him. it's the only book of his i liked and remembered at all.


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Yeah, I think it's probably his best. He undercuts his own legend, digging at the self-important, morose writer,

“The only private language I know is self-exaggeration. I think I've grown a second self in this room. It's the self-important fool that keeps the writer going. I exaggerate the pain of writing, the pain of solitude, the failure, the rage, the confusion, the helplessness, the fear, the humiliation. The narrower the boundaries of my life, the more I exaggerate myself. If the pain is real, why do I inflate it? Maybe this is the only pleasure I'm allowed.”


Who loves ya, baby?
Which of those Delillo books is about the terrorist being in competition with, or even supplanting the artist?
I think perhaps even the terrorist has been absorbed now. You can buy Bin Laden masks. You can play as the terrorists in CoD.