'I heard a passing car playing this' log


call me big papa
Now some dancehall - can't hear the lyrics though.

Basically a procession of car stereos outside my window.


in je ogen waait de wind
for me the best thing about hearing music played from cars is that i usually have no idea what song is being played. you just hear a short fragment of an unknown song you've never heard and will probably never hear again. usually it's something turkish or arabic.

i walked home yesterday and heard this playing from behind the counter of the night shop. can't believe it's five years since it came out already. anyway, it made me smile.



call me big papa
The music I hear the most passing by my window by far is afrobeat/influenced stuff. 1xtra urban or whatever luka calls it. With occasional drill/trap.

Yesterday an open top car came past the park playing 'Balling' at top volume and I thought that's winning summer right there.

I kinda wish I had a car just so I could drive around playing 'It's Greenwich' at top volume.