Lockdown 2.0

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Every other country seems to be fine now
France has just gone back into lockdown, and America is fast approaching 1000 deaths a day (again). But we are definitely pretty close to the bottom off the class, as usual.


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hows it all going ? observations so far:

- a man outside lidl had set up a mat on the floor with 3 upside down metal cups, one of which concealed a rubber ball. a small crowd was thrusting 20£ notes into his hands to guess which one was covering it
- a man with one leg outside greggs playing a freestyle fur elise on the melodica


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I went to the pub and got drunk then came home and smoked cigerettes. Just had a long bath. Gradually recovering from these depredations. Might get a nice Red Bull if I can get outside.

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I grabbed two monitors and a keyboard from the office yesterday and so am no longer squinting at a laptop all day, which is nice.

Sunday - went OTO
Monday - went for a lovely Turkish meal
Tuesday - went to the pub

There were less people out and about this morning on my 8am-9am walk, probably because it was colder. So that bodes well. Gonna chat to the daughter on Skype tonight. Got a few online events booked.

The council has set up a testing centre on a tiny local estate near me which means they can't access a childrens play area now and access to the little park is through a maze of steel.

It's going to be a long winter I think.


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I had a nice walk it felt eerie very dark and all smoky from the fireworks